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First Aid Training
for Ukrainians 

Contribute to teaching people to fight death 

Almost every day, people in the front-line areas suffer brutally from shelling. 8/12 victims of bleeding can be saved if they are given the right first aid in time. To save people's lives, only two elements are needed: to have something to help and know how to use it correctly.

Therefore, in two months, we will train 150 people in frontline areas, including critical infrastructure workers, to stop critical bleeding in the wounded.

In the internationally standardized training on stopping bleeding, participants will learn a set of practical skills. Each and every one will learn to use tourniquets, tamponade, bandages, ensure the patency of the respiratory tract and prevent hypothermia before the arrival of an ambulance.

Target — 3 000$

to train 150 people in the frontline

Support the project and teach people to fight death. 

This is a partnership project of Intellias for Change Foundation and Soloma Cats Foundation.

Already 2,000 civilians know how to stop critical bleeding and perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Four instructors of Soloma Cats are certified to train combat medics by the American National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians. 15 instructors are certified by the European resuscitation council to train civilians.



Lviv, Panasa Myrnoho 24

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