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for Ukraine

Donate to save lives


About the project 

As the war in Ukraine goes on, many Ukrainians get injured both on the frontlines and in relatively safe cities. The demand for quality healthcare and rehabilitation is growing day by day, but local medical institutions often lack the resources to provide it. 
While doctors are fighting for the lives and health of people, we aim to help them by providing necessary medications. 
The goal of this campaign is to raise $3000 to supply Solonyi Lyman rehabilitation center with the most crucial medicines needed. 
Every donation helps to restore the health of Ukrainians who were injured because of the war.


3000 USD

Please note that payments are non-refundable.  


In the occasion of a price change for medicines planned to be purchased, or if the fundraiser period has expired, but the needed amount of money was not collected, the remaining amount will be co-financed by Intellias company, or the volume of the planned purchase will be reduced. If more money is raised, the volume of medicines purchased will be increased, allowing for saving more lives.   


In case of the project's non-implementation, the funds will be directed to the implementation of another project of the Foundation in support of the people who suffered because of the war, Armed Forces, or to the statutory activities of the Fund.

About Intellias Foundation for Change 

Charitable organization "Intellias Foundation for Change" was created to support and implement charity projects of the Intellias IT company.  


The main goal is to promote sustainable mobility, develop smart cities, spread ideas of equality, diversity and inclusion in working and educational environments, support women and promote their professional realization, as well as support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 


We are guided by the principles of responsible philanthropy and the effectiveness of positive social impact; therefore we carefully choose partners for cooperation.  


Intellias Foundation for Change was founded in 2022 by Vitaly Sadler and Mykhailo Puzrakov. 


Financial reporting on implemented projects is published on this website annually.



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