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Charity foundation

Charitable organization "Intellias Foundation for Change" was created to support and implement charity projects of the Intellias IT company.

The main goal is to promote sustainable mobility, develop smart cities, spread ideas of equality, diversity and inclusion in working and educational environments, support women and promote their professional realization, as well as support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

We are guided by the principles of responsible philanthropy and the effectiveness of positive social impact; therefore, we carefully choose partners for cooperation.

Intellias Foundation for Change was founded in 2022 by Vitaly Sedler
and Mykhailo Puzrakov. Financial reporting on implemented projects is published on this website annually.



Charitable organization

Foundation for Change


to support Ukrainians

Equipment for the military 

In order to perform tasks safely and effectively, the military needs the right equipment. As part of this project, we are purchasing thermal imagers, radios and other positions for the frontline. Currently, we plan to purchase 30 Motorola radios and 12 HikMicro thermal imagers. 

500 items of equipment
purchased already